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Distribution is Open!!


Email us at fansubs@aol.com


9/9/03: We sponsored Sexy Commando vol.1-6 (eps.1-50) are here from Random Master.

4/27/03: Pulled: Detroit Party Bus Project and Omishi Magical Theater Risky/Safety off the list.

4/24/03: Have pulled:Abenobashi Maho Shotengai, Azumanga Daioh, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Galaxy Angel 1, Geneshaft, Love Hina Again, Mirage of Blaze, Onegai Teacher, Rockman EXE, Sekai no Senki, Scryed, and Sen to Chihiro off the list.

3/31/03: I've changed my mailing address. Please make sure you have the most updated P.O.Box number before you send out your letter. Thanks!

1/6/03: Happy New year!! Received SVHS masters for Salamander OVA 2+3 and another Pocket Monster short movie 4 from Random Masters..

2/20/02: Distribution will be reopened on January 6, 2003. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

12/7/02: Happy Holidays!!  Distribution will be closed from Dec. 20, 2002 to Jan. 6, 2003. Neo B'tX vol. 3 (7-10) from Vortex.              

10/24/02: Detective Conan (17-54) & Series 8 specials.

9/11/02: We sponsored title: Eiji OVA SVHS, and other titles: Pocket Monster Movie 4, Blue Fragance /Candy Candy movie, Sailor Moon make up Sailor Soldiers+ Dreaming Moon, Salamander OVA #1+ Remixes from Random Masters..

9/9/02: Full Moon Wo Sagashlite 1-8, more episodes for Hikaru no go, Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai..

8/27/02: Final Fantasy Unlimited (episodes 13 to final), Hunter X Hunter OVA (1 to final), Locke superman OVA 1-2, Pita-ten ( 1-15), Psychic Acadamy (episodes 1-8), Those Who Hunt Elves II (episodes 1-6)...

8/19/02: We've made some changes about the shipping method, please check the request page for details.

8/16/02: VCDs for Star Ocean EX 1-25, Azumanga Daioh 1-12, Geneshaft 1-13, Mirage of Blaze 1-6, Rizelmine 1-12. Some of the subtitles are too low while transfer to vhs tapes. 

8/13/02: Hoshi no Koe, Love Hina Christmas Special, Onegai Teacher, Sailor Moon R, Saint Seiya TV will be pulled in two weeks.

8/12/02: Just received new SVHS masters for Saint Saiya Movie 1-2&3-4 from Random Masters.

8/8/02: Angel's Egg is back to the list.

8/7/02: Pulled: Ai Yori Aoshi, Argento Soma, Blue Seed 2, I wish you were here, Lupin III 2nd TV series, Mohoromatic, Steam Detectives, Tales of Eternia, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Angel's Egg, Bakuretsu Hunter OVA, Najica Blitz Tactics, Stellar Buster Mito, Super Gals, Samurai girl Real bout High School, WordsWorth.

8/2/02: .hack//SIGN will be pulled in two weeks.

7/31/02: Cutey Honey Flash vol.5 (17-20), Vol.6 (21-24) and Master of Mosquiton '99 vol. 5 (15-17) from Sachi.

7/31/02: Pulled Chobits off the list.

7/29/02: Kimen Gumi vol. 3 (9-12)/Rayca, Sen to Chihiro from Riten Kyo.

7/22/02: Following titles will be removed in two weeks: Ai Yori Aoshi, Argento Soma, Blue Seed 2, I wish you were here, Lupin III 2nd TV series, Mohoromatic, Steam Detectives, Tales of Eternia, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Angel's Egg, Bakuretsu Hunter OVA, Najica Blitz Tactics, Stellar Buster Mito, Super Gals, samurai girl Real bout High School, WordsWorth.

7/22/02: Pulled: Seraphim Call, Sentimental Journey, Yume de Atera, Utena, Alien 9, DNA, Gravitation TV series, Nonamura Hospital,  Pretear, Rah Xephon, Infinite Ryvius,  Master Keaton, Nuku Nuku Dash, King of the Bandit Jing.

7/16/02: Chobits will be pulled in two weeks.

7/1/02: Pulled Hyper Police from our list.

7/1/02: Both vhs tapes and VCDs are available for the following titles that we've just received: Argento Soma OVA, I wish You were Here 1-4 , Hikaru no Go New Year Special/Hoshi no Koe, King of the Bandits 1-3 and Abenobashi Maho Shotengai 1-4.  Please check the details on request page.

7/1/02: Since the rate for USPS priority mail has hiked dramatically, we will have the alternative shipping method (USPS priority, media mail or UPS ground) for the packages that have 5-6 tapes. Other requests will stay the same, including the price. Please check the request page for the details. 

6/28/02: Aka-chan to Boku 19-22, Master of Mosquiton '99 12-14 from Sachi.

6/26/02: Received Gravitation episodes 3-13(end), OVAs & Weiss Kreuz Concerts from Vortex.

6/20/02: Received SVHS masters for Puppet Master Sakon 13-16 and Maico 9-16 from Gnomish. 

6/15/02: Received Detective Conan Movie 5 "Count Down to Heaven" from Grandfansubs.

6/12/02: Pulled: Angelic Layer, Earth Girl Arjuna, Mazinkaiser, Noir, Project Arms, Read or Die, Rurouni Kenshin OVA 2, Trouble Chocolate, Vandread 2nd, X OVA and TV...

6/3/02: Magic Circle Guru Guru 16-29, Hunter X Hunter 16-25, Kanon 7-13 and others...

Distribution will be closed from 6/6/02-6/11/02. You don't need our confirmation to send the request. Make sure your email address is correct so we may contact you if there is any problem. Our mailing address is Soyokazefansubs P.O. Box 16775  Sugar Land, TX 77496

5/20/02: Kodomo no Omocha vol. 10 (37-40)..

5/18/02: X 21-24 (final) is here, you may want to add it to your collection before it is pulled. Hikaru no Go 11-22, Sister Princess 16-20...

5/16/02: Distribution will be closed from 6/5/02 to 6/12/02. The following licensed titles will be removed after reopened: Angelic Layer, Earth Girl Arjuna, Mazinkaiser, Noir, Project Arms, Read or Die, Rurouni Kenshin OVA 2, Trouble Chocolate, Vandread 2nd, X OVA and TV...

5/7/02: Brother Dear Brother Vol.9 (33-35) from Technogirls. Cutey Honey Flash Vol. 4 (13-16) & Galaxy Angel Vol. 1 (1-6) from Sachi's.

5/5/02: Pulled Lupin III movies: Legend of the Twilight Gemini, Die Nostradamas, Tokyo Crisis and $1 Money War..

5/3/02: Removed titles: Strawberry Egg, Comic Party & specials, Fullmetal Panic...

4/9/02:Add: Puppet Master Sakon 9-12 (we sponsored), Mamotte Shugogetten OVA 3-5, Seikai No Senki 9 and up, Angel Tail 1-10, Aquarian Age 1-4, Sister Princess 6-15..

4/5/02: Pulled Initial D TV series and OVA. Add Shooting Star Gakusaver OVA...

3/19/02: Gravitation TV 11-13 (Final), Tales of Eternia 12-13 (Final), Tokyo Jusshouden OVA 3, Slam Dunk Vol. 4 (13-16)... 

3/11/02: Vandread 2nd stage:5-13, Final Fantasy Unlimited 4-12, Shaman King 7-11, Comic Party Special 1-4...Mazinkaizer 2 from Riten Kyo.

3/4/02: Detective Conan Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes from Grand Fansubs.

2/23/02: Gravitation OVA 1&2, X 6-10, Angelic Layer 19-26 (final)....

2/14/02: Pulled Psychic force, Cowboy Bebop movie, Bt'x, Gundress and Brigadoon off the list.

2/11/02: Ebichu 1-8, Mahoro-Matic 1-10, Hikaru no Go 1-12..

2/4/02:  X 1-5 & OVA, Angelic layer 16-18, Tonde Boorin 5-12....

1/28/02: Pulled Fruit Basket off the list.

1/17/02: Bt'x vol. 3 & fruit Basket (1-2) from Vortex. Aka-chan to Boku 11-18 from Sachi.

1/14/02: Endless Road SSX vol. 2 (3-4).

1/8/02: final Fantasy Unlimited vol. 2 (4-6).

12/31/01: Pulled Marmalade Boy, Alexander, GTO... off the list.

12/30/01: Mamotte Shugogetten 17-19, 20-22(final) and Puppet Master Sakon 1-4, 5-8 from Odyssey.  Kimen Gumi  5-8 and Mazinkaiser ova 1+ on your mark from Riten Kyo.

Also added some digisubbed titles: Argento Soma 16-20, 21-25 and Earth Girl Arujuno 6-10...

12/18/01: Aim for the Ace from Technogirls.  Confirmation to m.remiter@hg16.btinternet.com won't go through.

12/15/01: Distribution will be closed from Dec. 21 to Jan. 1. Happy Holiday!!!

12/10/01: GaoGaigar 14-16, Grappler Baki 1-2,Endless Road SSX 1-2(second Capt. harlock. TV series) from Ctenosaur. 

12/6/01: Pulled Yami no Matsuei off the list.

12/03/01: Pulled Gatchaman off the list. BTW if you don't receive our confirmation emails in three days that means we have trouble sending it through. Please make sure your email address is correct then resubmit it. 

11/ 29/01: Vandred 2nd Stage 1-4, Cyber Formula Future GPX 5-8, Shadow Skill 23-26, Gatchaman..Pulled Dragonball GT off the list.

11/24/01: Noir vol.4 (16-18), Star Ocean Ex 1-3, Shaman King 1-6, Trouble Chocolate 1-3, Cowboy Bebop Movie, Final Fantasy Unlimited 1-3, Geneshaft 1-3, Iketeru Futari 1-8, 

11/20/01: Noir vol.3 (11-15), Hunter X Hunter vol.3 (6-10)

11/16/01: Warning!!!! Emails with pictures or attached files will be deleted automatically. Please do not send your requests with them. Thanks!!!! 

11/14/01: add Seraphim Call 1-4, Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo 1-4

11/06/01: Angelic Layers Vol. 3 (11-15), Fruit Basket vol. 1 (1-3), Comic Party Vol. 2 (6-10)..

11/01/01: Detective Conan Move III: Last Wizard of the Century is here.

10/29/01: We sponsored title Psybuster from Riten Kyo is here.

10/26/01: Our sponsored titles Gravitation vol.2-4 should be here soon. Here are the copies from Divx subber if you can't wait.

10/16/01: Pulled G-Savior.....Added The Flying Phantom Ship & After School in the Teachers Lounge.

10/8/01: Noir vol.2 (6-10).....

10/7/01: Pulled Himiko-den and the last 10 movies of Lupin III off the title list. 

              Being busy updating and maintaining the VCRs, have replaced several old ones. 

9/22/01: Wish everyone the best!! We all come back tougher and stronger through the national tragedy.

8/27/01:Aka-chan to Boku 7-10, Akazukin chacha 67-74, Akihabara Dennou Gumi 23-26, Sentimental Jouney 5-8, Angelic Layer 6-10, Oni 1-18 

8/14/01: Yami no Matsuei vol. 2(4-6), vol.3(7-9), vol.4(10-13) & Gravitation episodes 1-2 from Anime Goddesses.

7/24/01 Gokudo-Kun Manyuuki is pulled.

7/23/01: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne vol.8-11, Yami no Matsuei vol.2, Kaikan Phrase vol.5-6, Kodomo no Omocha 33-36.

7/21/01:Brother Dear Brother Vol.8 (29-32), Kimen Gumi Vol.1 are here.

7/10/01: We are working on taking licensed titles off our list, please email us if you know any of them still on our list. Thanks!! There are so many of them have been licensed, we can rest in peace now...^_^

Have pulled: Ah! my Goddess movie and mini series, Berserk, Dirty Pair, Nuku Nuku, Inu Yasha, Saiyuki, Starship Girl Yamamotto Yohko, Sakura Wars, Transformers car Robot, Wandering with the wind ,Weiss Kreuz, You are under arrest, Y's, zone of Enders......

6/29/01: Distribution is closed from 6/30/01 to 7/8/01.

6/23/01: Ah! My Goddess Movie master from Riten Kyo.

6/19/01: GTO -Great Teacher Onizuka Vol. 1 (1-3) is here.

6/15/01:Evangelion: Special Edition director's Cut master from Eva Otaku.

6/13/01: Add: Inu Yasha 23. Sorry my mistake, it is not the final.

6/11/01: Pulled Gate Keepers. Add:Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Vol. 7 (25-28) , Akazukin chacha 59-66.

6/9/01: Got an email saying Gate Keepers has been bought. It will been pulled once verified. 

            Add Tokyo Jusshouden OVA 2.

6/5/01: Initial D Second Stage Vol. 3, 4 and Extra Stage are in.

6/2/01: Yay!!  Summer is here!! Don't be surprised that you see bonus after the regular show on some of the titles!! ^_^

5/30/01:Wandering with the Wind (Kazemakase Tsukikan Ran) episodes 1-13, Lupin III: Fujiko's Unlucky days.

5/26/01: Pulled Yu-Gi-Oh off the list.

5/22/01: More episodes for Gatekeeper & Captain Harlock.    Love Hina Spring & Christmas special.

5/22/01: Pulled Saint Tail and Vampire Princess Miyu series off the list.

5/16/01: I've pulled Noir 1-2 off the list because Noir 1-3 is coming soon.

5/15/01:Pulled "Natural" off the list. Add: Inuyasha Ep. 17-22. , Infinite Ryvius Ep.1-3.

5/12/01 Shadow Skill Ep. 7-10, The Glass Mask OVA 1&2.

5/7/01: Pulled "FLCL" off the list. Add Hana Yori Dango final, Card Captor Sakura Movie 2...

5/1/01: Mamotte Shugogetten OVA 1-2.

4/27/01: Pulled "End of Summer" off the list.

4/26/01: Violinist of Hameln Volume 6 and 7 ( final).

4/22/01: New episodes for Inu Yasha  and Transformers-Car Robot. 

4/18/01: DiGi charat Christmas Special, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Vol.6...

4/15/01: Pulled "Love Hina" off the list.

4/15/01:new titles: Weiss Kreuz OVA 1&2, graduation M OVA 1&2, Akazukin Cha Cha OVA

4/15/01: I have problems sending email to <largand@bellsouth.bet> ,<thumper@dialnetwork>, Please just go ahead mail in your letters, thanks!!

4/10/01: Initial D Second Stage volume 2 (episodes 5-7 ) is here!!

4/8/01:We have received an email saying that Devilman "Amon" has been bought. Will you please provide us the URL to confirm it. We have been trying to return the email but have trouble to sent it through. Thanks for your help. Once we receive it, the title will be pulled.

4/6/01:We have pulled: Kurumi-the Steel Girl off our list due to been licensed by AD vision.

4/5/01: We have got email from the Riten Kyo fansubs who mastered FLCL (3-6) suggested that we may continue distributing FLCL for about a month or so.

4/4/01:Pulled several titles from the list due to been licensed: FLCL (what a bad timing we've just got master for 5-6), Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Houshin Engi, Ko beast Century, Now and then Here and There, Virgin Fleet, Whisper of Heart, Harlock Saga, Melty Lancer.

Added some new titles: Inu Yasha 11-12, Kurumi 1-4. X-driver 1, Wedding Peach..

3/26/01: We have pulled Tenshi ni Narumon!-I'll be an Angel off the list due to been bought.

3/19/01: Legend of Galactic Heroes "Golden Wings" is here!!!

3/13/01: We sponsored titles: Initial D Second Stage  volume 1 (episodes 1-4) is here!!

3/6/01: We've pulled Ayashi No Ceres, 1001 Nights and Oh! Super Milk-chan off our list due to been licensed.

2/27/01: Inuyasha 8-10, Ayashi No Ceres, Furi Kuri 5...

2/16/01:We sponsored title "Yamada Kun" is here! 

2/5/01: Initial D (final) 25-26 is here!

1/25/01: Inuyasha 5-7 is here! 

1/23/01: We have received a bad check from "Amanda J. Powers" from Pulaska, WO on 10/10/00, we have been trying email her three times but got no response. Anyone knows her please have her contact with us please!!  

1/15/01: We have pulled Yu Yu Hakusho from our list.

1/13/01: We have to adjust the shipping cost for international requests, domestic requests stay the same.

1/11/01:  We have removed following titles from distribution (commercialized): Boogiepop Phantom and The Big "O".        

1/6/01:Hyper Police Episodes 14-17, Saint Tail 29-32, Heavy Metal L-Gaim 37-40, Romeo's Blue Skies 25-33, Transformer Car Robot Vol.1,  GaoGaiGar final OVA 2...

1/1/01:Happy New Year to everybody!! ^_^

-    Since the last big rush of requests, we've found that we cannot really distribute and subtitle at the same time, since both are time consuming work.  We've also been undergoing changes with our personal schedules, whether in work, or school.  What we've decided is to give our distributing operation to a group of friends who are kind enough to want to help us.
-    We've since moved all our equipment (VCRs, tapes, and cables) over to their place.  They are hoping to re-open soon, but we can't really say when, since we've left all distributing decisions up to them.  This means that this site may soon have a different email account or snail mail account to write to. Please check back for the updates and latest news. 
-    The current crew have greatly enjoyed working for the anime community.  We're  very glad that we were able to meet and communicate with so many nice, and enthusiastic anime fans.  We'd all like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone out there who's helped and support us during these last 1-1/2 years.
-    On the subtitling side, Berserk 5 and RK OVA 4/Yokohama are all done and ready to be recorded and shipped out.  Unfortunately, our genlock bit the dust about a week ago, and we've sent it in to be repaired.   We're currently just waiting for it to come back.  Many apologies to people who's been waiting so very patiently for their tapes.  We realize there's been many delays in our projects, but we're hoping that now that we can concentrate solely on subtitling, our speed will pick up.


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