Request Policy:  (Distribution is Open!)

You can request as many tapes as you want at a time. Please refer to the price chart below. We also do international requests (tapes are recorded as NTSC not PAL), but if your country isn't listed in our International Rates Page please contact us via email. (It is very important that you email us if you don't see you country on the international rates page.  International shipping rates can be considerably more expensive so we have a minimum of three tapes per request rule for international requests, and the cost per tape will need to be adjusted to take this into account.)  Thanks.  (we're very sorry, but we don't fill SASE requests nor do we mix and match titles)

If you'd like to send payment by mail:

  1. Please send in your request through email at with your name, mailing address, email address, titles and payment method then wait for our email reply (if you don't hear from us in 3 days, please resend it again and make sure your email address is correct, we might have problems with your email address).
  2. After getting a go-ahead from us, make a check or money order in the amount that you have ordered out to Soyokaze Fansubs. Cash is also fine, but please be sure to wrap it up very carefully (you'll be sending it at your own risk, but it's always better safe than sorry :).  Enclose the payment and a self adhesive label with your address printed legibally on it (any piece paper with your address written or typed on it will do...we'll use it to mail your package).
  3. Mail the envelope to the address we'll provide in our confirmation email.
  4. Wait for your tapes.

If you'd like to pay by PayPal:

  1. You must be a registered PayPal  user,   Click here to learn more on how it works and to sign up for paypal.  
  2. From now on, the PayPal  payer don't need to send in the request form.
  3. Please use "" as the recipient's email address.
  4. Make sure you have your name, mailing address, email address and titles on your paypal note.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you when payment is received. 
  6. Wait for your tapes. ;)  

Small packages (4 tapes or less) will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail. Medium size (5 to 9 tapes) will be shipped by USPS media mail. Larger packages (10 tapes or more) will be shipped by UPS ground. **No PO Box's for UPS please.  Packages delivered by UPS must be signed off and as such, they must re-direct them if they're sent to a PO Box**.


We try to provide the best quality tapes and services for our fans,  however problems do occur due to VCR, Cable, defected Tapes, or power failure during taping. Please email us about the problem you have and we will try to work it out for you. If we do ask you to sent the tapes back to us, please cue to where the problem is. Arigatou! ^_^

Unfortuntely, tapes damaged and packages lost through the mail are really out of our control.  We pack our requests the best that we can (we use either sturdy cardboard boxes or bubbled mailing envelopes). We also try to provide a reasonable list of alternative shipping methods. We ship most small packages by USPS priority mail, but ship larger, heavier packages (over 6 tapes) by UPS (tracking and personal delivery) to help prevent damage and lost packages.  However, ultimately, if a package is damage or lost in the mail, we're afraid all we can do is offer our sincerest apologies.

Turn-Around Time:

The estimated turn-around time is ~1 week.  Thanks for your patience.

Price Chart for USA requests:

The price pays for the tapes or VCDs, postage, bubbled envelope, and a bit leftover for us to use for better equipment, new masters, and more anime.  Donations are certainly appreciated but definately not expected. 

Number of Tapes

Price ($)

    Number of VCDs

Price ($)

1 10 1 4*
2 15 2  8*
3 21 3 12
4 28 4 16
5 35 5 20
6 42 6 24
7 49 7 28
8 56 8 32
9 63 9 36
... and so on... ... and so on...

                                        *If ordered alone will be shipped by air mail.


We only distribute VHS copies, and we use custom loaded tapes.  We use Panasonic SVHS (Professional/Industrial Video)VCR AG-1980P (with super 4 Head TBC) to play the master tapes and 19 micron head SVHS VCR's or 6 head 19 micron HiFi VCR's to do the recording.

For subtitling, we use a Pioneer 909 LD/DVD Combo player, a Delta Scan GL Genlock, and a JVC 9500 SVHS VCR.